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Castles and palaces

Gopegi - Manurga - Letona

When we talk about castles and palaces, our imagination flies to fairytale places, far away, with princes and princesses, but we are going to imagine what these were really like in the area of ​​Zigoitia more than 800 years ago.

For this we will visit different places of the Cuadrilla de Gorbeialdea and we will see what the passage of time has brought with it, but hearing the legends that have been transmitted to us and all that they can still tell us. On this visit we will discover:

In GOPEGI near the old church we will go to the Goikolea tower-palace.

Then we will go to MANURGA, where we will have news of several disappeared tower houses (Elexalde, Iturrizar) and we can contemplate the tower house of Hurtado de Mendoza and one of the most famous palaces in the area, such as the Berastegi Palace.

Finally we will go to LETONA where we will be surprised by the palatial house of Lopez de Letona (Argatxaga) and we will make a walk to one of the castles that defended the ancient kingdom of Navarre, the castle of Zaitegi. 


Guided tours can be done all year round. In addition to the proposed routes you can make visits adapted to the places that the visitor wants.

Tel. 945 24 38 28 / 645 84 40 87

Minimum group: 4 people.

Languages: spanish, basque and english.




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