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Alfareria Vasca Museo

There are several museums that you will find in Gorbeia. All are located in buildings, which by themselves, deserve to be visited. We present two of the essential museums:

Basque Pottery Museum

Discover  the ancient craft of the potter  and how they worked to mold the best pieces of popular Basque pottery.

Visiting the Basque Pottery Museum is like traveling in a time machine. In this charming museum located in the Ollerías neighborhood of the town of Elosu (Legutio), you will find some of the oldest and best preserved pieces of popular Basque pottery.


The Basque Pottery Museum stands in a rural enclave of great natural beauty, between the Urkiola and Gorbeia Natural Parks and on the banks of the reservoirs.  


The building is an old restored pottery and opened to the public since 1993 by Blanka Gómez de Segura . Built in 1711, the pottery was the old pottery workshop where several generations of the Ortiz de Zárate family worked.

On the first floor of the building you will enjoy a collection of 380 pieces of high-value ceramics. Attached to the building is another of the museum's jewels: the huge old oven .​​​

With a quadrangular plan and nine meters high, thousands of pieces were cooked inside it for centuries until the activity stopped in 1958. Since 1993 it has been included as a Monument in the General Inventory of the Basque Cultural Heritage.

One of the most attractive activities of the Museum of Ollerías is the visit to the production workshop. There, you will see the potters work and receive all kinds of explanations about techniques and working methods.

In addition, in his store , you can buy the ceramics that today are still made by hand and with the same love of yesteryear.


945 455 145


From Monday to Friday:

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


10.00 to 14.00 

Sundays and holidays:



Gorbeialdea Gang

Bea Murgia Square

01130 Murgia

Tel. 945 430 440



Ollerias auzoa, 9

Elosu (Araba)

How to get

Antzasti Museoa

Antzasti Museum

Through a symbolic journey on the Arratia tram we visit two contemporary but very different worlds, one belonging to traditional life and the other to modernity. 

Antzasti Euskaldunon Etxea  offers an ethnographic experience focused on the concept of the house.

The visitor can enter each of the rooms of the houses from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries belonging to these two environments: the ancestral of the Basque farmhouse and the modernity of industrial Bilbao.  

A capsule in time that teaches through carefully decorated and contextualized environments the way of living, leisure and work in this period of our history.  

A guided audiovisual tour where you can have a first-person experience and soak up our culture and traditions


Artaun, 25.

Dima (Bizkaia)

628 322 275 / 657 704 207

Guided tours every day of the week. It is necessary to make an appointment at least one day in advance


Plaza Zubiaur S / N

48410 Orozko

Tel. 946 122 695



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Baltzola and Mairuelegorreta Caves

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