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The Beer of Gorbeia

Oiardo, Urkabustaiz. (Araba)

Tel. 615 78 36 24

*Minimum 8 people. 

*Reservation in advance 


Oiardo, Urkabustaiz. (Arab)

Tel.  615 783 624

* Minimum 8  persons.  

* Under reservation in advance.

Cerveza de Gorbeia
Sidra de Gorbeia

The cider of Gorbeia

Know the process of making both cider and apple juice. Made in an artisan way with their own apples.

Includes visit to the apple trees, explanation of the process of collection and processing, visit to the interior of the cider house, and tasting of cider and juice accompanied by sausage and / or cheese.


In the cider season (from the beginning of January to mid-May), the tasting is made from the barrel, "Txotx". In the production season (from the end of September to the middle of November), you can also see how you work on site. From the apple harvest, to the process of making the juice.



Aramaio. (Arab)

Tel.  945 445 385

* Minimum 6  persons.  

* Under reservation in advance.


Gorbeia Central Park is very close to heaven. Therefore, we propose you to make a dinner accompanied by a gastronomic session.


In this experience, gastronomy and stars merge to give you a memory that will always go with you. An elegant mix of all the flavor of Basque stoves with an astronomical session. Includes dinner in a place of low light pollution and astronomical session.


A proposal that will not let you sleep. Imagine lying on a green meadow in our natural park accompanied by a picnic under a blanket of stars and planets Includes pic nic, astronomical session and mystical stories 




Check with the Tourist Offices.  Orozko 946 122 695

Murgia 945 430 440

* Minimum 6 people.  

* Under reservation in advance.




Dima. (Bizkaia)

Tel. 635 748 948

* Minimum 8  persons.  

* Under reservation in advance.


Gastronomic relaxation

Relax in one of our spas; disconnect, enjoy a unique environment and therapeutic waters. It also finishes charging the batteries with a gastronomic offer without equal.

Whether on our terrace, in our private dining rooms or restaurants, enjoy a unique local cuisine and take strength in our spas. Disconnect from your day to day.


Thermal Circuit + Buffet


Thermal Circuit + Massage + Buffet


Areatza (Bizkaia)

Tel. 946 572 705

*  Maximum 50  persons.

* Under reservation in advance .





Relax gastronomico

Picnic on wheels

Enjoy a picnic on wheels surrounded by trees and views of the mountains. 


Be amazed with our electric bikes and tandems for couples or families. An unprecedented way to enter the spectacular Orozko Valley. I

Includes rental of normal, electric or tandem bikes (availability of mountain bike, children and baby seats) pic-nic service to take and recommended routes.


Discover the secret corners of Gorbeia on BTT and take your time to enjoy a picnic on wheels. Includes all-terrain bike rental and picnic service to take away and refresh, as well as recommended routes.

Picnic sobre ruedas

AXPE EBIKE (Axpe estankoa - Otxandio)

Otxandio.  (Bizkaia)

Tel. 945 45 00 66/625 70 20 19

Monday- Friday: 8:30 - 14:00 / 17:30 - 20:30.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 8:30 - 14:00.

Prices  (bike rental)

  • 3 hours: € 24            5 hours: € 40

  • All day: € 50         2 days: € 75

Prices  (picnic)

  • Little  (pintxo + soft drink + chocolate bar):  € 4

  • Large (bokata + soft drink + fruit + chocolate bar): € 7

* All bicycles have full insurance with a € 100 franchise ​

Picnic sobre kayak

Picnic on Kayak

Immerse yourself with your kayak in the reservoir and enjoy it while enjoying a natural environment surrounded by mountains.

The reservoirs of Ullíbarri-Gamboa and Urrunaga, considered the inner seas of Euskadi, are the perfect setting to enjoy a romantic day of kayaking.

Rest on one of its most unknown shores to take a break enjoying a picnic prepared especially for you.

Includes kayak rental, training session and materials as well as personalized picnic consisting of a Idiazabak cheese, omelet or Iberian ham (ham, loin or sausage) and a soft drink, as well as recommended routes.


Elosu (Urrunaga Reservoir)

Tel. 945 455 087

*  Minimun 2 persons.

* Under reservation in advance .

* Dates: May 1 to September 31 


Shepherd for a day. The cheese factory

Discover a trade that is still maintained in Gorbeia. Shepherd dogs capable of guiding a herd, sheep that provide the milk that will give as fruit the unmistakable cheese of Gorbeia and people who resist letting die such an important tradition.

Come to one of our cheese factories, where you can see the process of making the Idiazabal Designation of Origin Cheese and enjoy a tasting.

In addition, you will get to know in first person the sheep "latxa", the autochthonous race of Euskadi, as well as learn the important work of the shepherd dogs of Gorbeia.

Includes guided tour of the tasting farm, as well as familiarization with herd care and demonstration of skills of the shepherd dog.


Oleta, Aramaio.  (Bizkaia)

Tel. 615 742 783

*  Under reservation in advance.

* Minimum 6  persons.


Pastor por un día


Legutio (Araba)

Tel. 661 536 325


* € 10 / pax

* Children up to 12 years: € 7 / pax

* Children 0-3: free

* If the group is less than 5 people, they will have to pay € 50 together.

*  Under reservation in advance.


Apicultor por un día

Beekeeper for a day

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of beekeeping, a trade and a millenary practice that still in Gorbeia remains in its splendor.

Dare to travel inside the hive to get to know the world of bees. These small insects will leave you open-mouthed knowing your organization, your work, the production of honey and other products, in short, a surprising world that you still have to discover!

Includes a guided visit to the hives and the honey extraction workshop with an exhibition of bees in their combs and an explanation of the world of bees accompanied by a honey tasting.


Bº Uribarri, Aramaio. (Arab)

Tel. 603 469 968

*  Minimum 6 people.  

* Under reservation in advance .


Golf ente montañas

Golf between mountains

Golf in Euskadi as well as for its green landscape stands out for the exquisite taste of its cuisine. After a day of sport let yourself be seduced by a gourmet menu in one of our golf courses to complete an unforgettable day.

It includes an 18-hole course and gourmet menu at the golf course located in the surroundings of Gorbeia Natural Park.


Altube, Zuia. (Arab)

Tel. 945 430 922

* Under reservation in advance .


te en palacio

Tea afternoon in a palace

Enjoy a different, memorable and unique experience. Experiences to do once in a lifetime in "Mi Castillo de Arena" a historic building built in 1640.

Discover the secrets of the best tea classes; correct temperature, benefit in a historical environment in the 17th century hall of Mi Castillo de Arena.

Includes: Introduction to the world of teas and tasting of three different kinds with delicious cupcakes.


Zurbano, Arratzua-Ubarrundia. (Arab)

Tel. 696 208 067


*  Minimum 10  persons.  

* Under reservation in advance .



Atxineta Baserria: Guided Tour

Make this experience that will not leave you indifferent:


Discover beautiful native breeds and collect blueberries in a small farm located in Oleta (Aramaio), in the heart of what is popularly known as “Little Basque Switzerland” for the beauty that its landscape contains.


On this 2 or 3-hour excursion you will meet Pyrenean cows and Azpigorris goats on the way to the blueberry plantation, where you can collect without compromise of kilos. You can take the harvested blueberries home after weighing and paying for them (the kilo costs 8 euros). These are grown in ideal conditions, following the guidelines of traditional agriculture, which leads to fruits of the highest quality and full of flavor and properties.


After picking the blueberries you will experience the incredible sensation of seeing deer up close. Finally, you will try the blueberry juice and jam tasting.

Atxineta Baserria

Oleta, Aramaio (Araba)

Tel. 674 503 037

* July and August. Monday to Sunday: in the morning at 10:30 AM and in the afternoon at 5:30 PM. Under reservation in advance.

* Price: 8 euros / kilo


Kaiku Oiardo (2).jpg

Baserritarra por un día

Descubre todos los secretos detrás de la obtención de un litro de leche sostenible de la marca Kaiku.


Kaiku mima sus productos para ofrecernos leche de la mejor calidad y sostenible de inicio a fin, desde el cuidado de las vacas y el medio ambiente hasta la  tecnología para su obtención y la logística necesaria para que llegue a tu mesa.

Tras un recorrido lúdico y educativo por el Baserri  en el que vas a aprender la labor tan importante que realizan las familias ganaderas de Kaiku, prueba los ricos productos de la marca.

Kaiku Baserria

Oleta, Aramaio (Araba)

Tel. 674 503 037

* July and August. Monday to Sunday: in the morning at 10:30 AM and in the afternoon at 5:30 PM. Under reservation in advance.

* Price: 8 euros / kilo






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