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Route through Arratzua-Ubarrundia

Ullibarri-Gamboa / Urbina / Tres Mojones / Restia / Ullibarri-Gamboa

The itinerary starts from the Erpidea neighborhood of Ullibarri - Gamboa. You take the street that is born in front of the cruise. We went through a marquee and a parking lot and left along the road on the right. As soon as you cross a Canadian pass, continue along the road to the left until you reach another crossroads where you take the main road. Continue until another Canadian pass and take the path that leaves to the left, right next to the closure but without crossing it.

If you take the road on the right, go up to the Cruz Grande known as Alto de Urbina, which is the highest point. In its first section, the path runs through Legutio and Arratzua-Ubarrundia. At about 682 meters from the pass, a broken fence is crossed, followed by the way and when you reach one of the last cairns you turn left. The path joins a path that we will leave at 273 meters to take another path on the left, next to a light turret.

This path descends to the parking lot that connects with the Green Route and leads us to the town.


5,9 KM

3 hours and 30 min

130 m


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