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La cascade de Gujuli


Another spectacular place that we find in Gorbeia is the waterfall Gujuli.

The predominant wild nature around the Natural Park Gorbeia provides stunning images on its southern slope, some of which have their origin in the continuous erosive action of the Cantabrian rivers.


For millennia the force of water has been carving rocks pushing back escarpments to form spectacular waterfalls, among which the Goiuri / Gujuli and Nervion. The latter, although not born in Alava has numerous tributary streams that descend from the mountains and is Urkabuztaiz with its 250 meters, the highest waterfall in the northern peninsular.

In Goiuri is no less spectacular its waterfall, that exceeds in more hundred meters the waters that brings the river. The Jaundia and Basabe streams join its flow to Oiardo River, which divides the village in two neighborhoods to rush shortly after this thundering jump, which can be seen from a vantage point overlooking also to one of the beech forests of greatest ecological value of all zone.

This natural whim, that worth contemplating in rainy or snowmelt time is part of one of the outstanding landscape sets, is must on your visit to this area.



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